Bubble Mailers

Why waste money with using a large box to send small items if you could use something cheaper and smaller? That is where bubble envelope mailers come to the rescue! Sending small items could not be any easier. They have an interior padding of bubble wrap to protect whatever you are sending. These envelopes are also cheaper to send than your average large box, and help prevent any bouncing of the contents. They can come in any type of color to help catch the attention of whomever is receiving the envelope.

Iwill explain how a bubble envelope is better to use than a large box in sending small objects that need a little protection. Bubble envelopes have a small padding of air-filled plastic pockets, known as bubbles, that provide cushion for the contents. These bubbles are enough to protect most items such as CD's, important documents, or photographs; however, extremely fragile objects, such as glass, are not suited for padded envelopes. Some of these envelopes use recycled fibers as protection instead of plastic bubbles. Thus they

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protect the packaged items better than a large box filled with bubble wrap.

Bubble Mailers

Bubble envelopes, or sometimes called padded envelopes, are also cheaper than a large box, even when bought in bulk. Why go through the hassle of using a large box filled with lots of bubble wrap to send your small items? A padded envelope is much cheaper to send, and it also makes packing small items easier. Most are sealed with small pieces of tape or staples rather than the large strips of tape required for boxes. Padded envelopes are very useful mailers for anybody trying to send small items.

Items placed in padded envelopes do not suffer from the bouncing around as much as being in large boxes do. The recipient does not have to worry as much about the item being broken when received. This can help save money for both the sender and recipient, as they can worry less about having to pay for a broken item. Padded envelopes also can come in many colors, unlike the boring traditional brown that boxes come in. People are sure to open a colored box more likely than normal brown boxes.

Bulk padded envelopes are helpful for commercial uses as well as normal uses. Packaging items used in commercial business may need to be slightly protected, so padded envelopes are useful for any commercial business.

The padded envelopes are very useful for any type of transference of small items. They can protect these objects and are much cheaper to send than large boxes. It is, of course, helpful to buy them in bulk in the cases of having to send many packaged items at once. Remember, smaller saves money!