Gatefold Cd Mailer

Storing CDs is still an important thing to do, even in a world where mp3 players are popular. The Gatefold CD Mailer has one storage sleeve for CDs. It uses paperboard, can hold one CD or DVD at a time, and is ideal for storing without scratching the disc. This article will explain the usages of the Gatefold CD Mailer for people who love their CDs and DVDs.

This specific CD mailer uses a material known as paperboard to protect the discs. It has only one storage sleeve, so it is best to buy multiples. As a matter of fact, it is only possible to buy Gatefold CD Mailers in quantities of at least 100. The paperboard itself can have a label be printed on to describe what the disc is if wanted or needed. The paperboard does not scratch the disc, so it is ideal for storing discs, and the small size means that many can be used instead of a single DVD or CD case.

Even though it uses paperboard, the Gatefold CD Mailer does not scratch the disc while it is in storage or even while mailing because it has a smooth finish inside. It only has a single sleeve, so there is no need to worry about having two or more discs scratch each other. This also proves to be a downside for people with many CDs. In order to these people, it is necessary to buy many multiples. A hundred of these CD mailers only costs sixteen dollars plus shipping and handling. Because it can only store one CD or DVD at a time, the Gatefold CD Mailers are also quite compact.

Packaging CDs couldn't be any easier with these CD mailers. Its single sleeve design and simplicity makes it easy to store many CDs at a time. For those with many CDs or DVDs in their collection, buying these mailers could be helpful in storing all those discs. With an inexpensive price per quantity of 100, the Gatefold CD Mailer is an ideal way to store discs. It is also simple to have labels professionally printed on to decorate these mailers for parties, weddings, or just for a family member or friend.