Metallic Bubble Envelopes

Transferring discs, letters, or other small items could not be more pretty with metallic bubble envelopes. These colored mailers are made of a sturdy material, yet are light enough for quick transport. They come in multiple sizes for all types of items, and are lined with a padded interior to help protect the contents. Metallic bubble envelopes can be used for weddings, invitations to parties, or just as a colored envelope for small gifts. This article will describe the usefulness and beauty of these wonderful metallic envelopes.

All metallic bubble envelopes are sturdy enough to withstand postage transport, and they come in multiple colors that include, but are not limited to, red, blue, silver, or gold. They are lined with colored foil on the outside, covered by a plastic to help out that shiny coloring. Metallic bubble envelopes are square in shape, but they come in so many different sizes that shape will not really matter.

Metallic Bubble Envelopes

These envelopes come in many sizes to fit any item you wish. The interior lining of bubble wrap helps prevent accidental folding of the envelope and thus protects the contents. The sizes range from CD-sized to portfolio-sized, so any small- to medium-sized item you wish to send is sure to fit. Metallic bubble envelopes are sure to catch the attention of whomever you are sending it to, so you can be sure that your gift will be noticed.

Have a wedding gift or perhaps a birthday present? Even if you just have to send an invitation to a party, metallic bubble envelopes are a cheap and easy way to send these and other type of gifts or letters to your loved ones and friends. Even people who usually do not open their mail will be intrigued by the unusual shine of these envelopes. The metallic bubble envelope is a popular and unique way to send any type of gift to anyone.

Anybody who receives one of these magnificent envelopes will think of it more as a wrapped gift than normal mail. The unique colors and sturdy interior will make these envelopes fun to send to people. Size is never a problem when you send something in a metallic bubble envelope. Anybody who receives one in the mail is sure to open it and perhaps treasure the envelope itself. Be sure to buy a few to send to your loved ones and friends!