Open End Bubble Bags

Many items need to be cushioned if they are going into storage or being mailed. Open end bubble bags help with cushioning these fragile items. Using air pockets, called bubbles, these bags help protect the item being stored or mailed from breaking. They can come in many different forms, with four basic types, and most can be sold wholesale. This article will explain the uses of bubble bags.

All bubble bags are made with regularly spaced air pockets that are known as bubbles. These bubbles can be either small or large. Any item being stored in one is cushioned by these air pockets for while the item is in storage or for mailing. There are several major types of bubble bags.

Open End Bubble Bags

Two of the most commonly used ones are the reuseable and ziplock bubble bags. Reuseable bubble bags are typically used multiple times after its initial use. Ziplock bubble bags, sometimes known as side seal bubble bags, have a zipper to seal the item within the bag. Some versions have an adhesive tape for self sealing. For the recloseable bubble bags, it is best to create a vacuum inside for maximum protection. There are also bubble bags known as flush cut bubble bags. These are cut to allow safe storage or transport of odd shaped or sized objects.

The final type of bubble bag is known as the anti-static bubble bag. These bags are created with a material that disperses static energy to allow storage or transport of electronic chips, which are sensitive to static charge. These types of bags are usually colored pink and are usually recognized as anti-static by the color.

All forms of bubble bags are usually sold wholesale. They are cheap and can be sold in bulk in a variety of sizes. The air pockets can cushion just about anything. Anyone can buy a few to protect their stored items or to protect items that are sensitive and need to be transported.