Pre-printed Padded Envelopes

Using a padded envelope is useful when you want to send something to someone that needs a little bit of protection. They can use either bubble wrap or recycled fibers as the interior lining for protection. They can also have pre-printed lines or a box for your business logo or addresses needed. Padded envelopes can also come in all sorts of colors, thought the plain ones are usually cheaper. They are typically bought in singles, packs, or in bulk. This article will explain how padded envelopes can be used to protect the item being mailed and how they can be used for promotional reasons.

The padded description comes from how the interior is padded with some type of protection lining. Usually it is lined with bubble wrap, though recycled fibers are also used. This helps add a little protection for items that need it. These padded envelopes can also have lines pre-printed on it. These pre-printed lines are used for the ship to and sender's address and name. Some also come with a pre-printed box for a business logo for commercial reasons. All padded envelopes can come in different colors or styles. Typically a padded envelope comes in a plain white as its color. They can also be bought in multiple colors, sometimes allowing custom colors to be chosen. The company Stardream offers many choices for colors, including gold, silver, and emerald.

Examples of what can be mailed in a padded envelope are photographs, CDs, video cassettes, or perhaps small books. Because of the vast choices of objects that can be sent with a padded envelope, they come in many different sizes including 6x6.

Padded envelopes can be bought wholesale. Typically they are bought in singles, but sometimes packs are sold. These padded envelopes can also be bought in bulk if needed. They are also very cheap to buy wholesale, and are more useful for small items than a large box. From the interior protective lining to the large choice of colors, pre-printed padded envelopes are very useful for people who wish to send small objects that need to be protected. They can have pre-printed lines for addresses and names and come in a variety of colors and sizes. Anyone can buy a padded envelope at a local post office or online, get one today!