Recycled Padded Envelopes

Using padded envelopes made of recycled materials can help protect the environment and the item being sent. Recycled padded envelopes can be used to send items when you do not want to buy a non-recycled envelope. Made with almost 100% recycled material, these envelopes are an ideal choice for those who enjoy using recycled items. Made with either a self seal flap or a normal flap, they can be bought in boxes of twenty-five or cartons of fifty or more. This article will explain why recycled padded envelopes are useful for sending objects that are small enough for these envelopes.

Some people who are environmentally conscious prefer to use recycled materials. Companies, such as Columbian or Tyvek, manufacture padded envelopes that have at least 90% recycled material used. Many can be printed on, and are created with recycled manila-colored cardboard. They also use two different types of flaps, a self seal or a normal flap.

Recycled Padded Envelopes

Self seal flaps are used when one wishes to not use staples or tape. Just put in the item, fold the flap, and seal it up. They can be opened back up with by tearing a specially made tear tape. Other recycled padded envelopes can be made with a normal flap, which requires tape or staples to seal up; however, an envelope with a normal flap is slightly cheaper to buy than one with a self seal flap.

Recycled padded envelopes can be bought in small boxes filled with twenty-five of the envelopes each. They can also be bought in larger cartons of your choice of fifty, one hundred, or two hundred envelopes each. Buying in bulk is always better for these envelopes because they are smaller than normal cardboard boxes and as such cannot hold nearly as many items. Of course they are also cheaper than the larger boxes.

Recycled padded envelopes are very useful for protecting items with its interior bubble lining, and help protect the environment using recycled material. At least 90% of the material is recycled and most of these envelopes are manufactured by companies such as Columbian or Tyvek. They come with two types of folds, self seal or normal. Recycled padded envelopes are also cheap and typically bought in bulk, usually in sets of twenty-five or more. Using recycled padded envelopes can protect the item being sent and help protect the environment.