Self Seal Bubble Mailers

Ever wanted to send anything in a mailer that protects it and can self seal? The self seal bubble mailers make this possible! They come with an amazing cushioning bubble protection lining the interior and the ability to hold small semi-fragile objects without damaging them. The ability to be closed just by folding over the seal and applying pressure removes the need for tape or staples. The materials used in these bubble mailers are lightweight to help reduce costs. This article will explain the uses and benefits of using a self seal bubble mailer.

The interior of these mailers is lined with a thin (3/16") film of bubble lining. This allows for cushioning of whatever object you are sending, whether it be a video game disc, a DVD, or a small collector's card. The Kraft brand paper on the outside is tough enough to endure going through postage. This along with the fold and seal mechanism of the mailer, allows the self sealing bubble mailer to be able to send quickly and effectively.

The self seal part of this bubble mailer removes the need for tape or staples. This helps reduce the weight, and also makes it easy to seal up in a hurry. No other mailer could be this simple. Having the ability to seal makes it very simple to put in the object, seal up, and send! The recipient only has to open it via a tear tape, making them very easy to open in addition to sealing up. All self seal bubble mailers are made out of a recycled lightweight material. This helps reduce the cost of shipping. Sending small items through a self seal bubble mailer would not add much to the weight, so using these bubble mailers makes sending them a lot cheaper.

From the interior bubble lining to the lightweight materials used, a self seal bubble mailer is perfect for sending any small items like a game disc, DVD, cards, or even coins very easy. Just stick whatever you want to send in, seal up, and send. Even opening up one of these mailers is easy: just tear open the tear tape. A self seal bubble mailer is the way to go for quick postage of small items.